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Passionate about good food, gastronomic experiences, travel, and life in France.


Goats Cheese Dip - one of Cynthea Gregory's recipes Red Onion Soup - one of Cynthea Gregory's recipes

Cauliflower Cheese - one of Cynthea Gregory's recipes Strawberry Clouds - one of Cynthea Gregory's recipes


Moving to the Loire Valley in France 17 years ago opened up a multitude of new and exciting opportunities for Cynthea Gregory. A spin off from her passion for gastronomy has been writing her own recipe books. She experiments with and tests ingredients to create her own recipes and then takes the accompanying photos herself for her cookbooks.

Living near Ste Maure de Touraine, she became intrigued by the local renown Ste Maure goats cheese. She was amazed by how versatile goats cheese was, and how it has so many culinary possibilities.

Understanding the many aspects of goats cheese gave rise to numerous ideas and recipes, interspersed with visits to local goat farms. Her collection of recipes very soon became extensive; and Cynthea then decided to write a cookbook of her recipes and try to get it published. Her efforts were rewarded, and her first cookbook 'Le Chèvre en Folie" was released in May 2011.

Apart from her passion for cooking, and her creation of recipes and photographs for future cookbooks, Cynthea also runs a holiday cottage and bed and breakfast with her husband Mike on their property.


Le Chèvre en Folie

Le Chèvre en Folie, the first cook book from Cynthea Gregory




Poires et Coings

Her second cookbook "Poires et Coings" features recipes based on pears and quince. It is scheduled for release on October 4th 2013.

Poires et Coings - the second cookbook from Cynthea Gregory




Both books are written in French and published in France by CPE Editions.

Eventually Cynthea hopes to translate these cook-books into English and find an English publisher for them.

In this site there are also a number of recipes in English which are not featured in her two cookbooks. It is the intention of Cynthea to add to the recipes in this section over the coming months.


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