Le Chevre en Folie

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Le Chèvre en Folie Not only does "Le Chèvre en Folie" explore the versatility of French goats' cheese, how it harmonises with a multitude of other ingredients, and the many possibility it offers for both savoury and sweet recipes; but it also visits each of the 15 production areas in France protected by an AOC/AOP (Appellation d'origine contrôlée / protégée) status. It explains how each cheese is produced, and its culinary possibilities.

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Banon Banon is a superb little cheese which is easily identified by its wrapping of chestnut leaves held in place by raffia. It is named after the town of Banon which is in the beautiful, picturesque and rugged Alpes de Haute Provence area of France. Each time I sample a slice of Banon cheese it invokes vivid memories of my visit to the historic town and the surrounding landscape.






galettes de fromage de Mémère Emilienne "Galettes de fromage de Mémère Emilienne" is based on a recipe given to me by a French friend. It has been in her family for a long time, being passed down through several generations. These tiny cheese cakes can be made in minutes and are great to serve as a nibble or a sarter with onion jam or caramelised red peppers.






tarte au fromage de chèvre et aux prunes "Tarte au fromage de chèvre et aux prunes" is a delicious desert for the autumn, when there is an abundance of plums. Plums and goats' cheese is an excellent marriage of flavours in this recipe, enhanced by a hint of orange.






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