Cynthea Gregory's Cookbooks

Living in an area well-known for its goats' cheese, it wasn't difficult to become passionately interested in the principal product of the region.  My first book developed from this.  As a permament resident of France, I thought it would be easier to try and get the book published in France, and was lucky enough to have it accepted by CPE Editions.  Consequently the book is written in French, as is my second book about Pears and Quince, which CPE published in October 2013.  It is my intention to translate these books into English, and try to find a UK publishing house that is interested in them.


Le Chèvre en Folie cookbook from Cynthea Gregory






Poires et Coings cookbook from Cynthea Gregory' My second cookbook features recipes based on Pears and Quince.  It was published in  October 2013.







Les Fleurs dans mon Assiette cookbook from Cynthea Gregory I am currently working on my third cookbook - "Fleurs dans mon Assiette" (Flowers on my Plate), which I hope to have published in 2014. It will feature recipes containing:


It is currently divided into the following chapters: