Poires et Coings


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Poires et Coings On arrival at our current house, I was surprised by the strange misshapen fruits that grew on some trees in our orchard. These turned out to be quince – a fruit I had previously never eaten. This started another adventure of exploration of a little known, but delicious fruit. They are thought to be the original forerunners of the modern pear; consequently the book not only explores the culinary possibilities of quince, but also of pears. It explains how fresh quince and pears are not essential to enjoying the taste of these fruits, as there are several commercial products that can be used to create imaginative sweet and savoury dishes.






Le Fruit Royal "Poires and Coings" is essentially a recipe book, but it also gives a very brief history of both fruits; and explains how some of the specialised products made from these fruits are produced in France, and gives tips about cooking dishes made from them.






Pancakes Ecossais "Pancakes Ecossais" (Scottish pancakes served with a pear cream) is one of my favourite recipes in the "Brunch" section of the book. What a delicious, even decadent, way to start a day.






Chutney de Betterave et Coings "Chutney de Betterave et Coings" – The sweet tastes of beetroot and quince make a wonderful chutney which is excellent with cheese or white meats. It can also be used as the basis of an unusual sauce to serve with duck, pork, or salmon.






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